30 July 2006

The Mall of Asia Reunion

It's the reunion of the Unean friends! Nikko, Lisa, George and I met up and had a small reunion. Since we missed each other very much, I organized a small reunion by playing badminton. Then Nikko suggested that we go to Mall of Asia after the game. We all agreed.

I arrived at the badminton court first, then Lisa, then Nikko, then George. We played (and I now have a greater endurance hahaha), but a bigger percentage of the time were given to sharing stories of college life and the stupidities that people have committed. After the badminton game, we changed clothes (I wore the UST t-shirt mwahahah) and boarded Mang Buoy's trike to the Bambang LRT Station.

We saw Raymond on his way to DLSU. We made talking and talking and talking inside the train until we arrived at EDSA and took the orange jeep towards MoA. It was nice to return to MoA--it's now my favorite mall after Glorietta and Greenbelt. Hahahaha....

So we had our lunch at Teriyaki Boy and I ordered my usuals. Another round of chatting, story sharing....after lunch, the most exciting part of the trip came. ICE SKATING!!

It is my first time to wear skates and even skate on ice. I managed to walk with the skates towards the rink, but then when I stepped on it, it was so slippery that I grabbed the edge. THERE WERE NO RAILINGS!!! I lifted my foot to try and walk but I slipped right at the entrance. Nikko and Lisa taught George and I to walk the rink as they skated and helped us. A few hours later, we learned to balance ourselves and glide a little.

I fell for a total of four times, but I can say that I managed to get some basics.

We also saw Wendy, Krysha, and Allie up on the second floor, watching us skate. Luckily I didn't fell on my gluteus maximus as they watched!!

Starbucks time after ice skating, then Q Power Station. Not so many games for me to play, but thankfully the drums and the Dance Maniax was there.

We had dinner at Wendy's, bought BreadTalk, then Lisa's parents came to fetch us. I arrived home at 9PM. I could honestly say that it was really a very nice day and worth remembering!


27 July 2006

Pahabol Post

First things first, I will tell you guys what happened today. Then I'll backtrack the happenings.

The Thomasian students all have their classes at 1PM, except for us chemistry students. Actually, we only have one class today, which is GenChem with Doc Sev, because the University's rector has been chosen and today was going to be the turnover ceremony. Anyway, going back to our topic. I was walking towards the Main Building through Forbes gate when Audrie called my attention. She says that some of our blockmates texted her and said that the guard wouldn't let them in.

Oh yes, we saw some 1Chem students outside the Main Building gate. The guards weren't going to let us in because allegedly, they thought that all students will have their classes on 1PM. Not us.

"Si dean yung prof namin," we said.

The 'menopausal' (read: masungit beyond human comprehension) guard said that they have contacted the Dean. A few minutes later, they said that Doc Sev confirmed his students. They let us in.

The other students were working on their logbook while I was reading my book. I've finished my laboratory results last night. We had our usual chemistry lecture, but Doc Sev wrote down the scores of the quiz--no names attached.

"Hulaan niyo na lang kung sino," he said. There was 1 who got 100, 1 who got 90, and 4 getting 80. (I don't want to be in the 80 mark.....I'm praying hard) He gave us our homework then class was dismissed!

I didn't directly go home because I waited my mom to go to UST. She was going to pay for my preliminaries fees, or else I wouldn't be able to take the exams. After paying, we went to the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences. My reluctant and stingy mother (hahahaha) agreed to pay for my UST t-shirt. Yay, finally, I have a UST t-shirt! (Nikko, saka na kita bilhan. Hahaha...)

Right now, I'm doing the Filipino Powerpoint presentation on Filipino terms used in the field of sports. I will have a total nervous breakdown due to tension and stress if I continue doing it without help. YES! Somebody volunteered to do it but I ended up doing it. Argh.....then I'm studying for a short quiz on Kasaysayan ng Wikang Filipino tomorrow. I DON'T GET THE POINT OF STUDYING FILIPINO LINGUISTICS.

The tiring day of my one whole week.

Experiment on laboratory, and my partner and I were ranked 1. Goody!

We had our usual classes, but it was trigo class that I blew my head off. The professor was teaching us sine and cosine curves plus the phase shifts in a different way. I was getting confused and I knew that she was doing it wrong style. CJ, Lei, Inno, and I went to the whiteboard and debated. Well...what do you expect from some teachers? It reminded me of Nunal (劉老師)because my trig teacher kept on making alibis.

Afterwards, I went to change for my PE classes. Ms. Doria taught us tumbling and some stunts. During the Chinese get-up stunt, I paired up with Dianne but we couldn't stand, so somebody suggested to change partners. I partnered with a chubby girl and we managed to get up on our feet.

But then....

The next stunt was luksong baka.

I was first to jump on her back. Success. Then it was her turn.

On the first try, I couldn't spread her weight on my back so I tumbled down, with the girl crashing down on my shoulders. BOOM! HEAVY! I was crushed twice. Needless to say, my shoulders ache until now.

We didn't have classes on Monday and Tuesday.

21 July 2006

Recollection and Freshmen Walk

We don't have classes today, and the reason why is the title of this post.

I left the house at around 6:20 AM, which is only 6:15 AM in UST. I took the Forbes route to the Main Building, and on the way I met Dane, Hao, Melissa, and Marisse. While walking to the historical edifice in the middle of UST, we met Inno. The four others went upstairs to the fourth floor first because Inno pulled me towards the small canteen in front of the Dean's Office because Paolo, Liv, and Jerome were buying drinks and some food.

We made small jokes about Mr. Albano's name. Peace, sir!

We went to Laboratory-14 because Mr. Albano was going to accompany us to the Medicine Auditorium, where the recollection is being held. After attendance, Mrs. Dilan took out the second quiz results, with lots of groans heard. She didn't say who were the highest scorers; just handed the papers.

My surname was called and I took my paper. 52 out of 60! Goodness....eight points of mistake again?? I had eight points mistake on my first quiz! A little irritated, I went to my seat and looked at my paper. Mostly carelessness. When I approached my blockmates to consult for their correct answers, I was shocked to learn that their scores were 23, 26, 40, 42, 43!!! Most of my blockmates were below the passing mark (42)!! They were shocked as well to see my score of 52 out of 60. Not boasting of this, but I was the highest scorer in the class.

It's chemical formula writing! One of my fortes! Yippeee....I was so ecstatic.

It was time to go to the Med Audi (Medicine Auditorium). We climbed the winding staircases of the St. Martin de Porres Building and went to the auditorium. We were taught a very nice song with movements. Its lyrics was really good.

The recollection speaker is UST Campus Ministry's adviser. Father Ching, as he wants to be called, is a fantastic speaker. He's funny and an articulate speaker. There was confession during the recollection, too. Afterwards, we had Mass. Honestly, I fell asleep.

After having lunch, we had the Freshmen Welcome Walk. The students lined up at the back of the Main Building, in Ampuero Drive. We were given whistles to make noise. While lining up, Ayron and Mikki made some jokes with the whistles, imitating over-excited referees whistling basketball players with exaggerated movements. As we waited, Doc Sev arrived. We greeted him, and he gave us the Freshmen Welcome Walk bookmark. Mikki, the class clown, had another joke joke time with the Dean again.

Mikki: Sir, tignan mo, para kaming mga protons na nagkukumpol together! (Sabay pito ng whistle)

Doc Sev: (Laughs out loud) May protons bang maiingay?

He laughed out loud with me and then we had picture-taking blah blah. The Dean also said, "Ingat sa mga pito, baka malulon."

This time, it was the formal rite of passage for UST first-year students through the Arch of the Centuries, with those London Buckingham Palace guards at the side of the Arch. We entered the Arch by fours: me, KC, Isay, and Paolo. There were live cameras broadcasting the neophytes entering the Arch. Walking through the Benavides Park, there were banners showing the history of the University, and then we marched through the Main Building Plaza with the Dean at the side.

Mikki was whistling again, and making the stop and go signs so Doc Sev once again said, "Pulis ka ba?"

The various colleges were introduced. To make the long story short, the Freshmen Welcome Walk was fantastic. After the Acting Rector made his talk, he lit up the combustible UST logo at the podium. It officially ended the Walk, but started the concert party, featuring bands like Urbandub, Soapdish, and Join the Club, and more. I didn't watch it; I was too tired.

PS. Before I forget, when Isay and I were on the way to the restroom, we smelled the strong odor of Formalin coming from the dissection room. (Remember, it was the Medicine Building.) The Med School students were dissecting bodies, I thought, because I saw black body bags around the counters. After going to the restroom, Isay and I checked out the UST Anatomy Gallery. For those who aren't afraid, enter and be amazed. The formaldehyde odor is strong, but it's worth seeing. Desiccated arms, legs, calf, and thoracic cavity were displayed, with the muscles and blood vessels labeled. Also displayed is the heart, the lungs, an upper body with the organs all displayed, a brain, and even a head cut in half showing the view of the brain. Also in separate jars were fetuses displayed, normal fetuses in a section, and abnormal fetuses in another. To avoid being graphical, just ask me or just go there. It's a must see for people who are curious of the human anatomy. The Med students weren't dissecting human bodies yet, just dried corpses ala mummies. To end this, the organs displayed in the UST Anatomy Gallery are all authentic and human organs.

Some Thoughts to Ponder

These quotes are text messages sent to me by my blockmates. Some are quite funny, some apply to life. Check them out.

No guy is worth a girl's tears. The only one who's worth her tears is the one who knows he could make her cry, but would never ever try.

Minsan sa buhay, ika'y nadapa, gumulong, naputikan, naapakan ng iba. Pero natuto ka ring bumangon, humarap sa lahat, at sabihin......nyeee nyeee, hindi naman masakit!! ü

In this big area of life, we may have different variables that shape the perimeter of our individuality, but we meet in a common point. Our friendship, and I'm willing to change my own equation of being just to meet you at that point. Yan ang hindi kaya ng math!

When you are good-looking, you don't brag it. When you are intelligent, you don't say it. When you are good, you don't tell it. When you are humble, you just keep it. Kaya ako when asked, I'm speechless. ü

Never underestimate your potential. Do your best specially when people expect you to do less, because the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

Do not follow the path where it may lead. Instead, walk where there is no path and leave a trail.

Sa pagdaan ko sa daan ng buhay, alam ko na hindi ako matitisod sa mga lubak ng daan, dahil may mga kaibigan ako gaya mo para sabihin sa akin na....MAY HUMPS MAY HUMPS MAY HUMPS, check it out! ü

Kung dumating ang oras na madilim ang iyong tinatahak na daan, at parang wala ka ng makitang sikat ng araw sa iyong buhay...sigurado, gabi na! Good evening! ü

This isthe first of the double post this evening.

20 July 2006

Wednesday and Thursday

This could be quite a long post because it covers what happened during Wednesday and today.


This is the heaviest and most tiring day of my whole week. I have six subjects, n kilograms of books and notebooks, and clothes for PE. Darn my women fitness PE! Anyway....I used my new gym bag which I bought in Mall of Asia. It was big and accommodated my stuff and clothes. One downside though: IT WAS SO DARN HEAVY! And to think that my first class is located in the FOURTH FLOOR! I had nothing to do but carry the gym bag on my shoulder and climb all the way to the top floor. When I got there, I was panting and shoulders aching.

Mr. Albano came in at seven five and gave us our quiz on the three previous experiments. It was easy because I studied and I listened to the lectures and I did those experiments. We needed a calculator, and I thought I didn't bring one! Panic struck me as I searched for alternatives. Giving up, I told myself that I'd just do the calculations manually. Then I remembered the gym bag had one secret compartment. Zipping it open, I found my Casio calculator. Relief!

Lecture was about the four types of reaction: synthesis, decomposition, single-replacement, and double-replacement. I saw the activity series again, this time with some additions. (I memorized it last night. Yipee!) Then Mr. Albano took out the results of the first quiz. He was just going to say who were the highest scorers of the class. I wasn't expecting he'd call mine.

But he did! CHUA. And was first on the list (because it was alphabetical). I got an 88, a 2.0 or whatever, I don't quite memorize the grading system. I was so happy about that.

I'll skip the unnecessary blah-blahs and go straight to my last class of the day: trigonometry.

The typical Ms. Balmeo gave us a three-number seatwork. Two sine curves and a cosine curve. The problem is: she hasn't even taught us yet. She left us with question marks (not me) above our heads last meeting. Okay....I went to solve and graph the graphs, talking to my seatmate Luis while doing the seatwork. He was asking me how to do it so I had to keep on talking to him. I was still talking to him when CJ approached and asked if I had PE. I said yes, then he said I should go for I was running late. Glancing at my watch, it was 3:10 pm! PE classes start at 3pm, but for me, the teacher gave me a thirty-minute allotment for me to change my clothes. I gave the professor my seatwork and bade goodbye to Luis and ran all the way to the gym to change. I got there with ten minutes to spare.

We were supposed to do a dance number on fitness, for it was our practical test number one. One move of the dance was we were supposed to roll and then lie down, then lift up the leg. So I rolled, lied down....but then I felt my shoe loosen. When I lifted my leg up, the shoe was threatening to come down and hit me in my face! With no good choices, I was fixing my shoe while the leg was up there!

Luckily I still got a 2.75 on the test.

I went home tired. After eating two pieces of hotdogs, I relaxed a bit and studied for the Rizal Course test. Darn it, there are too many details to remember! After RC, I did advance readings on chemistry because I knew the professor was going to go to the next topic of the lesson. Honestly speaking, I did more readings on chemistry rather than the subject I was supposed to have a quiz on.

Slept at 11pm, first time in college.


Today was quite a good day because I only have three subjects. I thought I was going to be late because it was already six fifty on my watch and I was still in Dapitan, walking towards the gates of UST. Luckily, I arrived early and managed to read a little RC and chemistry. Dean Sevilla entered the classroom at exactly seven, with still a lot of blanks in some seats. They're in deep trouble; Dr. Sevilla doesn't allow any students to enter once classes have started.

There are many latecomers standing outside Labrador Hall. (Well, come to school early then!)

Dean Sevilla made us pass around a printout paper, saying we should check the spelling of our names and if our student numbers were correct. I hope that our IDs would be given to us!!!!!

Doc Sev gave us problems to solve. I was already done solving it when Mikki raised his hand. Conversation excerpt:

Mikki: Sir!
Doc Sev: (took the notebook) Oh, bakit sa scratch? (checks the notebook) Oh, mali!

I called Doc Sev's attention because he was just inches from me. He took my notebook and nodded his head--it was a correct answer. He motioned for me to write the answer on the board. Some of my classmates were saying, "Oo nga no!" while I was writing it down.

More problems later, he taught us the limiting reagents (limiting reactants). His method confused me at first, but I caught up. Using Mrs. Rivera style, I solved for the limiting reactant. Doc Sev gave us the homework, then when class ended, I approached him and asked if my method would also be correct. He looked at it and nodded his head. "Pwede rin yan," he said.

*****While doing this post, I was surfing on Shirlina's blog. My! She's got so many posts. It means I haven't been surfing to see who's updated. Sorry, been very very busy. *********

I got so sleepy in theology but I managed to keep myself awake.

Rizal Course time! We transferred to Room 313 and it was so small. Our classroom was Labrador Hall, a hall--so common sense, a big room. CRAP is the ideal word for the RC test. The questions were all so irrelevant and the minute details. Rizal Course right? So focus is Rizal? Who in earth would care about General Piovieja and Czar Alexander II (19th century. Rizal was born in the 19th century.)

We had our class picture after our subjects. Afterwards, I was supposed to pay my existing account but I forgot it. I had to pay it tomorrow or next week BEFORE THE PRELIMS. I don't want to be lining up a long queue because the line's gonna be long when you don't pay earlier.

We don't have classes tomorrow because it's our recollection (reflection time.....). I'll do my chemistry lab logbook data and post lab later....

Long post, eh? Happy reading!

17 July 2006

Moody Monday

The difference between chemical engineering and chemistry can be illustrated by considering the example of producing orange juice. A chemist working in the laboratory investigates and discovers a multitude of pathways to extract the juice of an orange. The simplest mechanism found is to cut the orange in half and squeeze the orange using a manual juicer. A more complicated approach found is to peel and then crush the orange and collect the juice. A company then commissions a chemical engineer to design a plant to manufacture several thousand tons of orange juice per year. The chemical engineer investigates all the available methods for making orange juice and evaluates them according to their economical viability. Even though the manual juicing method is simple, it is not economical to employ thousands of people to manually juice oranges. Thus another, cheaper method is used (possibly the 'peel and crush' technique). The easiest method of manufacture on a laboratory bench will not necessarily be the most economical method for a manufacturing plant.

The Wowowee barkada together with Inno, Nikki, and Tetsu were discussing the difference of chemistry and chemical engineering. You ask me? I'm sticking to chemistry. I don't like engineering.

It's a Monday, and I'm not in the mood. There's a long quiz in general chemistry and a quiz on theology tomorrow, and I just finished studying the first subject. Due to lack of sleep or just the Monday blues, my mind wasn't working well with solving the stoichiometry problems. Sheesh...I would have to deal with them later. Again. I don't like failing.

Prof. Balmeo taught us the sine curves today. Instead of explaining it to us, she was talking to the whiteboard and doing a table of the values. To honestly tell the truth, I find myself using Ahya Andrew method. (Or Ms. Ang or Mr. Ang method.) 0-M-0-m-0. It's outright EASIER than using the table. Even Luis, my seatmate, couldn't understand the professor and asked for a little help.

Shoot. I have an mp3 player but I don't know what songs to put into.

Uneans! Do you still go back to our alma mater? Just asking. For me, the school's been too common for me to go back. I don't like going back anymore; I'd rather stay at home and do my assignments. (I'm telling the truth. I've returned to Uno for FOUR TIMES ALREADY!)

15 July 2006

Mall of Asia

I woke up at nine o' clock sharp in the morning because my mom shook my shoulders to wake me up. We had to leave home because we were going to Mall of Asia! Yipee!

It was nice to set my foot into MoA once again. This is just my second time to go there. First, mom and I went inside Hypermarket to shop for a gym bag so I could use it during Wednesdays, the day that I have my PE and also the day where I have frickin' a lot of subjects and books. We bought one and went off to lunch, fearing that there would be a lot of people later.

As usual, Teriyaki Boy was our destination. The servings in MoA TB were smaller than in Makati. Mom said maybe that the rent in MoA is more expensive. I could devour the whole plate of futo maki and spicy salmon gunkan with no difficulty, but now I could only eat one piece of each. Haay...blame it on my stupid wisdom tooth. It has already healed, but no chewing allowed still in my right side.

Afterwards, Mom and I went to shop for mp3 players. She was reluctant at first but then she agreed. I bought a Creative MuVo 256MB with FM Radio. 256MB is good enough because I don't usually put a lot of songs into a player. And I love radio. After shopping, we walked around, explored the places we didn't get to see when we first went to MoA.

I saw Saeke (or whatever) Sushi that Solomon was talking about in his previous blog post. I saw the conveyor belt and the touch screen PCs. It looked cool, but it's too expensive.

Mom and I went to Starbucks for a drink. She ordered a hot caramel macchiato while I ordered the new Java Chip. I dunno, I prefer chocolate cream frap....thirty minutes later, we went home.

14 July 2006

A Little Spanish Would Drive You Crazy

I'm going to share a small incident a while ago during English class. Well, some of you might think it's corny or you may not get it, but this is really wacky and funny if you know what I'm talking about.

It's the end of English class, and we, the chemistry students, are packing our bags to go to Blas Hall and attend our College of Science Orientation with 1MCR (microbiology). Due to the numerous sections of biology and psychology, we had our orientation later.

So, while packing my bag, Mikki our class clown, jester, and wacky funny guy, started annoying Melissa my friend. At first, I didn't understand what he was talking about until he approached me.

Wait, before that let me share something funny.

My sleeping English professor, Dr. BIAVATI (emphasis because I will tell you why later), asked us to stand up and pray first before starting class. Okay. Here goes:

Dr. Biavati: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
Class: As this was in the beginning is now and never shall be word in Amen. (I'm not so sure about the true spelling.)
Dr. Biavati: In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Good afternoon class.
The other half of the class: Good afternoon, Ma'am BIAVATE.

Talk about that! The professor didn't mind it.

Back to our topic. Mikki approached me.

Mikki: Sabi ni ma'am marunong siya mag-Spanish. Eh bakit hindi niya masagot yung tanong ko?
Steph: Ano ba tinanong mo?
Mikki: Recuerdo de Amor, Tres Mujeres, Rosalinda, Marimar, Thalia!

The whole class burst into laughter. (If you get it.) He started talking "Spanish" in class that left us with aching stomachs. What was more funny is:

Recuerdo de Amor, Tres Mujeres, Paloma! Rosalinda, Marimar, Thalia! Daisy Siete, Now and Forever presents Duyan!

And because of that I'm still laughing my heart out again as I type this post.

13 July 2006


Darn it. Classes tomorrow.

Although I hate to admit it, I do like going to class, the only thing is that I have to wake up early in the morning to get prepared. And one more thing, I don't like studying for a stupid Filipino linguistics test. It's pure crap.

If classes are to resume tomorrow, we will have an experiment in the lab. As always.... then there's the linguistics test, algebra discussion...then the general assembly of chemistry students. They're saying that there's an orientation and general assembly. I don't know the reasons.

The only thing to be optimistic about is it's a Friday tomorrow. After that, it's a Saturday, I get to buy my mp3 player, eat at Teriyaki Boy, and RELAX.

I have the whole Sunday to study my lessons.

ARGH!!! What the freak are those reporters doing? AND MOST ESPECIALLY, WHAT IS LITTLE GIRL (GMA) DOING? No classes, may classes, no classes, then may classes again. Ang engot...she doesn't even know how to make simple decisions.


Yay, rejoice! No classes today. Even though my classes end at 11:30 AM today, it's fun to stay at home and wake up late.

Yesterday while going to class, I was drenched in rainwater! WET as in TOTALLY! I didn't wear my sandals (we were allowed to wear sandals whenever it's flooding) and no jacket. Why? It looked clear when I was leaving the house. Then at Jolibee Dapitan, rain poured down like hell! My bag was wet, my books and notebooks, my lab gown, my PE uniform...EVERYTHING WAS WET! Lugging everything, I forced myself to take the stairs towards the fourth floor where our chemistry lab class was held. When I got there, everyone was wearing their jackets and they are all DRY.

And I stupidly forgot to answer my post laboratory report sheet.

Me?? Forgetting?? NO!! I am not the same!! I am not lazy!! I do not want to be branded like the others!! I forgot to do so because I studied for the stupid Filipino test which was postponed to Friday. (Now Monday. Sabay na sila ng algebra quiz.)

Then at 12:00PM, classes were suspended. Anna, my classmate in PE, texted me that we should meet and talk about the dance. I don't want to, but I reluctantly said yes. I ate my chicken pie outside Ice Monster. How I wanted to enter and eat a bowl of brownie fudge ice, only that I have a cough... while eating my pie, I saw Eunice and Pochi. Patrick's hair is very different from our Uno days.

Anna and I met about nothing, so I called it off and went back home.

When I got home, I went to take a short nap. I was supposed to wake up at 3 to watch CSI: NY but I overslept! Anyway, I caught the show so, no problem. Today I'm gonna watch CSI and CSI: Miami...yay!!!

By the time evening came, I was studying for a short quiz in general chemistry when CJ texted me that there will be no classes. Jamie's text came, then CJ again...saying that we shouldn't get excited because it maybe cancelled. Ten minutes, later CJ texted again saying that the rector of the COS (College of Science) declared no classes. Yay! Celebrate good times....

Then this morning, my blockmates flooded me with their texts saying that classes are suspended too for tomorrow.

I passed the text to others, and they never texted me a "thanks."

GREAT. That's what I get for being too kind.

Anyway!!!!! Mom told me that we could go to Mall of Asia tomorrow to buy my mp3 player. She also set up a "Deal or No Deal" game with me: if I have good grades this first year, she would buy me the laptop summer next year. But if my grades are sliding down during soph year....well, she's gonna snatch it back.

Deal. (It's better to take it.)

10 July 2006


My mom and I were discussing the Palm or the laptop. I have two options, and please comment in your suggestions/opinions. They would help with my decision.


an mp3 player worth around 2000php-3000php + a laptop but it would be given to me next year


a Palm TX to be given on my birthday

Please help! I need some suggestions of you my friends. COMMENT IN, not tag please. Thank you very much!

08 July 2006

Saturday Reds

It's a Saturday, and I should be doing my readings and assignments now. But I chose not to, because I'm not in the mood and I don't feel so well.

I had my wisdom tooth extracted just this morning.

My cousin, who had his wisdom tooth extracted just last week, was nervous; but I was calm. My mom and I left the house at eight forty-five because the 'surgery' was scheduled at nine AM. The dentist wasn't there yet, so I read magazines and watched TV at the clinic while waiting. He arrived at around nine fifteen.

The dentist and his wife were going to do the procedure. They left the x-ray at their house, so doc had to retrieve it. His wife, on the other half, injected anesthesia to my lip and the surrounding muscles of the tooth. When the anesthesia came to effect, I felt my whole right cheek numb and I had this fat lip.

I'm not gonna discuss in detail the operation; it might get graphic. Saturday Reds because, well, operations require a great deal of blood right?

Anyway, when the tooth was extracted, it was as big as a fully formed molar. But that tooth hadn't erupted fully yet; it was pushing my other teeth. My cousin's were already full, so when the dentist extracted it, it was already in half. Mine was full.

No hot and hard foods for me. I have to chew my food slowly on the left side to prevent the wound from bleeding. It will take a week to heal!! My goodness....I'm eating noodles and drinking cold water. And I can eat all the ice cream....

It's not over yet. The left wisdom tooth will be extracted two months from now.

Argh.....I think I'm going back to my baby days: eating Gerber.

07 July 2006

It's the Weekend!

Yay! It's Friday again and it's the weekend! No books for tonight!

My first class is CH101L. Mrs. Dilan was writing the experiment data on the whiteboard and fear crept into me. I didn't bring my lab gown!! The professors never told us to bring, but some of my blockmates brought theirs. I felt so nervous in ChemLab for the first time.

Mr. Albano came into the laboratory. It was quiz time!! This is our second quiz, and the topic is about nomenclature, one of my favorite topics in chemistry! I slept at twelve in the morning last night doing my assignments in psychology, Filipino, trigonometry, algebra...then studying for the chemistry quiz. I did well in the quiz, but I saw a lot of my blockmates leaving the last part of the test blank.

The professor also gave back our logbooks. I was happy that I got a full score of 15 on the experiment!

We discussed the history of wika again in Filipino class. It's starting to get boring.

Mr. See gave us a diagnostic test on algebra. It was easy.

I ate lunch at Chat and Chew with my barkada, together with Tetsu, my Japanese friend. I ate tonkatsu with java rice, and I'm starting to get fed up eating at Chat and Chew everyday. I need to find some new establishments; the problem is that all the establishments at UST are full when it's lunch break.

Since it was the first Friday of the month, we had the First Friday Mass at the Santisimo Rosario Chapel. I don't know which majors attended the Mass, but 1Chem and 4Chem attended, together with the professors and our dean, Dr. Fortunato Sevilla. I have to admit, the priest's sermon on vocation was sleepy. I fell asleep a couple of times before I willed myself to stay awake.

After the offerings and the communion, the Mass ended and we went straight for psychology class.

I passed the trigonometry quiz with a score of 86. That's around 2.5 or something like that. I could remember my first trig quiz in Mr. Ang's class: 60. Argh!!! Anyway....after that I went to Uno to return my ID because it was used to file a Filipino passport. I met Omi, Kathy, Eunice, Wendy, and Krysha at Uno. Afterwards, I went straight to YGC to attend Student Fellowship.


05 July 2006

Good and Bad

This is my first lousiest day in college life. Well, everything has their firsts.

The lousiest part of my day was English! I hate the teacher. She says she has a Ph.D. degree in English but then she doesn't teach us. She just let us answer the worksheets and never even bothers to check it. I forgot my book today, so I didn't have a quiz. I'm not so worried, because I can do better in the next quizzes. (Not bragging but a FACT: Uneans can ace the exam. Seriously.)

Since it's a Wednesday, we have a load of subjects, add to that physical education for me. I was lugging my ever-trusty red Celine paper bag (alam nyo na un mga Uneans) containing my PE clothes, rubber shoes, and my laboratory gown. We had the first experiment today.

We had to burn specific solids and observe if it was a chemical or physical change. I did the experiments and it was fun. I need to finish the logbook discussion because it will be submitted tomorrow, then there's the PLRS (post laboratory report sheet) due on Friday/Monday.

I was able to answer the prof's Filipino questions today.

And I raised my hand for recitation in algebra class.

Needless to say, English class was a bore. Grrr....I would rather have Mrs. Alberto teach us (pakita natin ang Unean power!! joke) although she gives low grades in essay.

Psychology class became a debate between a guy and a girl. The topic: whether you should give 100% to a relationship knowing that one day you would break up. I did my psych homework instead of listening to them. But I ended up talking to Dane, Nico, and Melissa. Dane is from Iloilo and Melissa is from Bicol, so we traded dialects. I taught them Mandarin while they taught me their native dialects.

Tons of homework on trigonometry: all about angle of elevations and depressions.

Instead of having PE, we watched the Season 69 party opener of the UST Growling Tigers. The cheering squad was great; the drum sounds reminded me of Uno.

This ends the post. I have many things to do today.

04 July 2006

Not Necessary

Some updates for my Unean friends out there:
  • I'm sporting a straight hair-do courtesy of rebond. And it has color, too. (Light brown.) Mwahahaha....I'm also wearing those cloth headbands (ala PBB's Uma if you can remember) to prevent my hair sweeping my face.
  • Hoy, text naman kayo dyan!! Hehehe, miss you all!
It's a miracle that I have finished all of my assignments. No, I still have one pending--GENCHEM, a homework about molar masses to be passed on Thursday--but it could wait. Heehee. All books and no relaxation will make Stephanie a crazy girl.

Quite unbelievable that it's Wednesday tomorrow. Then it would be Friday, and then Saturday!!! Saturday is my only relaxation day. My mom and I would go to Makati and eat at Teriyaki Boy and stroll around. (I wonder why TB at Glorietta is starting to....well, sometimes, serve differently. The last chasyu don I ate tasted bitter.) It's always Glorietta and Greenbelt; we don't go to MoA due to the crowds. Tell me if MoA is crowded during Saturdays. If not, I will try to go.

Tomorrow's schedule:

  • general inorganic chemistry lab - We will have our first experiment!!! I've finished writing the pre-lab information onto my logbook. The logbook format is very very similar to that of Mrs. Rivera's; maybe she got the style from UST. Donning the UST Chemical Society laboratory gown feels good. Pray that my partner and I will do good on the experiment.
  • filipino 101 - Nothing special. Such a boring subject.
  • math 101 - Although we're back to the basics, it's the professor that amuses me. Mr. See is very detailed and specific and he makes the dreaded mathematics interesting. Although some are irritated because he's TOO detailed.
  • tomorrow is one of my barkada's birthday.
  • English 101A - The professor's out! What should I do in this breaktime??
  • Psychology - Nothing special. Our professor in psychology is a doctor of medicine. The students can call him any name possible, and he is close to the students. Tomorrow will be pure listening to some psychology principles again.
  • Trigonometry (math102) - Mrs. Balmeo would probably lecture and give us tons of seatwork and homework to do again.
**** I answered a lot of questions today in general chemistry class, and the professor's focus was on me because I kept on answering....mwahahaha...feels good to answer molar mass questions. =D

God bless ya'll!

01 July 2006

Difference Between Uno and UST

Yes, I know, the difference is already very very obvious. But just let me state some examples. Maybe the general title should be: Difference Between College and Uno.

Last Thursday, Dr. Sevilla was out. He's the dean of the College of Science, and he teaches general chemistry to freshmen chem students and other chemistry to upper year chemistry students. GenChem class is 7:00-8:30 AM. I could go to UST before eight but the president told us to still come early as the dean's meeting might be cancelled.

Nope, Doc Sev still had his meeting. What did we do? Instead of sitting on our proper places, the class was chaotic. Somebody brought a boombox and we played music during GenChem class. Some were practicing their dance moves for the ChemSoc (Chemical Society) dance troupe auditions today. Let them be, let them be--for we had free pop music to listen. I mingled and laughed with them for a while, then I continued reading my book.

At first, I was kinda shocked because somebody had the guts to bring a boombox to class. (Luckily, our hall [Labrador Hall exclusive for chemistry students] was sound proof). During high school, whenever the teacher's absent, we would just stay at our seats and do whatever stuff we wanted to do. Read magazines, study, do homework, sleep...just don't make noise because Mr. Yu will reprimand the class.

College life is very open-minded. Diverse. A heterogeneous mixture of people. (I am talking in scientific terms again.) Melting pot of several cultures. If you're a hermit, a closed person, you would surely get shocked on your first day on your university.

Uno is strict. If you bring the boombox into class like that, I'm sure the disclipinarian officer would call you down and suspend you. I enjoy college life. I'm given a lot of freedom. You can roam around the corridors texting, hanging your cellphone on your neck, wearing a cap, listening to your iPod, or doing your thing with your Palm Pilots. Do that in Uno? I don't think so.


Yesterday in Chem Lab, the OLES (Office of Laboratory and Equipment Supplies) distributed our glassware to the chemistry students. There were a lot! Ranging from twenty to thirty plus test tubes, the serological pipet, eleven pasteur pipets (droppers), iron clamps, tripod, flasks, etc....a lot of glassware not found in Uno.

Laboratory 14 once was exclusive to chemistry majors but since the overflow of freshmen this year, the chemistry department allowed other majors to use our lab. Psychology students are using some lockers and we ended up 2 groups sharing a locker. Take note of the glassware!! Madami yon, so we have to label each and align each carefully. I ended up with my hands dirty with the hardware and the glassware.

Our Filipino professor was out, so we had to discuss our group presentations. We were going to sing the university hymn in a couple of days. I know how to sing it. Then Mr. See arrived and we had our algebra class. We went back to the BASICS: sets, absolute values....

Dr. Biavati (English) was out, but she left us a note saying that we have a quiz this Monday. I don't want to tell you the coverage because it's so simple. Nothing special on psychology, just yakitak yakitak. We answered trigonometric questions again. The prof taught us special angles and whatsoever topics that were just a day's topic during Mr. Ang's class.

I went to the UST Central Library. Wow!! It was huge! It houses a lot of books and a lot of Internet terminals for research use. I would attack the library as soon as I have time; I usually feel so drained after a day.

After getting my 3pm snacks at McDonald's Dapitan (I HAVE NEVER EATEN AT MCDO UST BECAUSE OF THE CROWD!), I went back home. I was supposed to get my hair rebonded. It took us (me and the one doing the rebond) five agonizing hours because my hair's thick. After that, I had it cellophaned and wahlah! My hair now has a tinge of brown in it. =D

It feels so good to post again. UST is as pressurizing and stressful as other schools. My hearing is strained due to professors (especially chem lab!!!) that have small voices. There are a few of my batchmates in Uno that I haven't seen yet.

Wait for my next post.