27 April 2006


First of all, thank you Nikko for quoting me in your blog. Appreciate it.

Say, what are you guys all doing during the summer?

Here's what keeps me busy these days:

= swimming (actually, i am getting lazy going to YMCA every day)

= reading up CSI books (shoot, i already finished two from my recent four)

= going out of the house!!

= sleeping (hope to grow an inch again harharhar)

Hey my buddies! Kelan tayo mag Timezone ulit???? Dance Maniax!!!!

Savor your summer, it's gonna end when you don't know it!


Yesterday, mom and I went to eat at Friday's at Robinson's Ermita. You may think that it's no big deal, but hey, it's a big deal to me. Because it's our first time to eat there.

Being the food connoisseur that I am, I admit that there are still restaurants that I haven't set foot and ate in yet. Friday's was one of it. It all started when my mom and I were deciding where to eat. She wants to try Japanese food again, but I have that fear of eating raw tuna again. X. I want KFC. She doesn't want fried foods. X. Then I suggested Friday's. Sure, we could try it.

But when I saw the prices in the menu, I cringed. Because my mom is stingy.

Pero, she said, let's try it out.

Alright then, we entered the restaurant and she was amazed on how cool the resto is. She looked at the menu, saw a lot of Americans, and was also amazed that the waiters and waitresses had these burloloys with them. Style, mother, style. Friday's is known for that.

And mother also got kinda freaked out when the waiter knelt down to take the order.


I got myself refillable lemonade and chicken alfredo pasta, while mother got grilled salmon fillet and mango shake.

I could say that lunch was fantastic.

Never mind the one thousand plus bill.

24 April 2006

Ever After

Three years ago, our journey began
Chasing down this cure, no plan in hand
Just your pulse, my racing guide in the dark
Just knowing with conviction from the start

The moment your eyes made an introduction
I felt my second violent breath of life
Flawless to the point of being godly
Yet I fell hard for your imperfections

And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn
Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm
Yet I still believe in ever after with you, yeahhhhh
Cuz life is a pleasure with you by my side
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride
I still believe in ever after with you

Nothing compares to the good times
Feels like we're floating, when the rest have to climb
You made me believe in love, and not the perfect kind
A real messy beautiful twisted sunshine

Emotions, volcanic eruptions
We both still care, so we're still alive
Tunnel vision, determination
I want you, I want to make it right

And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn
Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm
Yet I still believe in ever after with you, yeahhhhh
Cuz life is a pleasure with you by my side
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride
I still believe in ever after with you

You are my twisted sunshine
You are my twisted sunshine

And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn
Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm
Yet I still believe in ever after with you, yeahhhhh
Cuz life is a pleasure with you by my side
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride
I still believe in ever after with you

22 April 2006

Material Things I Treasure

the title speaks of the contents, alright?

1. my CSI novels - i have bought the books from fully booked, national bookstore, powerbooks glorietta, and powerbooks greenbelt. aside from my usual dosage of csi episodes on tv, the books give me a sense on how crime scene investigation is done and you read how it's done.

2. my francis kong autograph - i don't need to elaborate right? i got this last february 22, 2006 when mr. kong came to uno for a talk about the importance of english. he was awesome. only me and two other classmates have his autograph.

3. chemistry books - duh, i'm going to take up chemistry so i've got to have chem books around the house right? two of my bulky chemistry books impart useful knowledge; not just for educational purposes--for entertainment as well.

4. the 100php uno gave me - this a hundred peso allowance from uno is still at my cabinet, untouched, unused. why? it's the first time my stingy alma mater gave me and it's also the first and last allowance i got from them. yes, stingy.

5. the television - how am i suppose to track grissom, horatio, and mac's crime scene investigations without this?! how am i to watch music videos without this?

6. my bibles - i've got two that i read, and they are both from my ygc counselors. it's the wisest thing ever. grab a copy and be illuminated by God's word. if you're lazy enough to flip pages, just download a niv version on the net and read while surfing.

7. my computer - this baby has my mp3s, pictures, short stories, yahoo messenger, and bearshare.

8. ateneo notebook, chemcamp manual, and lab gown - i won't lose these. they are gifts from my stay in ateneo. for free dude. can you get anything better than that?

9. my bookshelf - a testimony of me reading other books aside from encyclopedias. includes a lot of suspense thrillers and the book reports collected from four years of high school in uno. and my luha ng buwaya copy is still there. i did not finish that silly book because i could not fathom it and it bores me a lot. it just hangs there para lang may malagyan.

10. wallet and cellphone - heck, i don't want to lose these either. my powercards, gentxt cards, credit card, money, and lots more are in my wallet. my cellphone has some pics i treasure most too. he/she be doomed if he/she steals this from me.


Yesterday was the freshmen enrolment of UST. Early, yes. It had to be because it was like chaos yesterday--to me.

After having breakfast at McDo, I went to the seminary gym to get enrolled. I scanned the list and wtf (what the freak), my name wasn't there! I marched towards the College of Science in the third floor of the Main Building (ala Hogwarts) and inquired. It's because I'm a foreign student (Chinese citizenship) so I've got to drop by the registrar to do whatsoever. Fine.

So after my name is tagged in the registrar and meeting few foreigners having the same problem as mine, I returned to the seminary gym. I was to look for this Miss Lorna inside the gym. I found her and I found my name CROSSED OUT! I demanded an explanation. Well, sorry na lang, kasi hindi nila ma-explain. Hell. After that, sign up for PE. Heck! Wala naman nag-sabi na pumili muna ako ng PE a! And that "gentleman" kuno doing the PE was a freaking....whatever.
Pinili ko na lang yung kina Hazel. I almost blew my brains out.

But anyway, my schedule seems good enough for me. Mondays and Fridays, my class is until three in the afternoon. Wednesdays, until five, coz I've got PE. Tuesdays and Thursdays, until eleven-thirty only. Heehee...

18 April 2006

Yakitak Nonsense II

Hi there readers. (Do I even have readers??) It's been weeks since we've gone out of Uno High School. Getting excited of college? Of course you do. I do. Let me tell you what happened when I went to the University of Santo Tomas to confirm my slot in BS Chemistry.

Okay. I woke up early in the morning, around six, to get prepared. I left home at six-thirty and got to UST at around seven. People were already sitting down on the chairs arranged outside the respective colleges, and there were quite a handful of people outside the College of Science. I signed my name up and sat at the chairs. A couple of minutes later, Hazel called my attention. And hours later, Michelle and D.A. came to UST, respectively.

When we lined up to get numbers, I found that there are only 3 girls (me included) lining up at BS Chem. But when we got upstairs, there were still three of us. Hehehe. When I presented my credentials to the facilitator, he said okay. Then he asked for my report card. I gave it to him. But then he said that the card needed a dry seal. I debated with him that hindi na kelangan ng
dry seal ang card namin. "No, it's our rule," he said. Fine!

Bumalik pa ako ng Uno upang ipa-dry seal ang aking card. Sabi pa nga nila Miss Conie na hindi na talaga kelangan. And then when I got there, panting for breath, the facilitator says that the dry seal wasn't needed na raw. Dang, I was suppose to explode! But then, umiral ang pagod (imagine going back and forth and then traffic) so I did not scream. Hahaha.

As you can see, the pictures are from our prom last April 6, 2006 at The Peninsula Manila (more specifically Makati).

17 April 2006

Yakitak Nonsense

Disclaimer: I do not have any connection with the people I am going to talk about in this post. And I don't have anything to do with them as well; blogs are for expressing yourself, ayt?

Well, this summer, I've been going to YMCA to take a dip in the pool, relax, and exercise. Before you get to swim in that pool, of course, you have to apply for a membership. And so I did. I went up the fifth floor and asked a young lady on how to get an application.

What pissed me off is her speaking attitude.

This girl is, like, can't put her sentences complete. Hindi niya makumpleto yung mga sinasabi niya. You ask her a question, and she pauses for around a minute or two before answering. And her buck teeth is irritating too. And, she looks Chinoy too. Ask her a question in Fukien, and you get an answer in Taglish. Irritating enough, if you ask me.

To this girl: Ah, please, complete your sentences. If you are really slow in perception, I guess you better take up classes on how to speed it up. If there are classes, which I think wala. And, please get braces. Your buck teeth is not a cute scene to watch. If you still persist doing these kinds of foolishness, your clients will be soundly sleeping as they wait for your answer.

15 April 2006

New York Girls

I heard this song during a CSI: NY episode. It has a good beat, really uptown and funky. =)

Morning Wood : New York Girls

Hey where you from?
I'm from New York
I really like your style
Huh, what? You like the way I walk?

N-N-N-New York Girls
Come on you know you're hot
And that's what makes you rock

In your tight black jeans
And my high heeled shoes
God, I think you're hot
I got to get with you

N-N-N-New York Girls
They really mess me up
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chelsea Pearls
Sound like a buttercup

N-N-N-New York Girls
Come on you know you're hot
And that's what makes you rock

Come on girls,
Tell us where you're really from
Florida, England, Oregon, I'm Polish,
I a come from Chile, I come from Sicily, I love it
Colombia, China, Miami, I'm from Sweden,
Phoenix, Jamaica, Korea,
I'm from Japan, arigato, Utah; I'm from New York City!
Even if your not, we love you all

N-N-N-New York Girls
N-N-N-New York Girls
Come on you know you're hot
N-N-N-New York Girls
They really mess me up
Let's dance!

12 April 2006

Firsts and Lasts


Hey. Hello. It's summer! What are you doing? I've been reading some books and watching TV these few weeks, and I'm waiting for Holy Week to pass so that I could resume swimming at YMCA. I suggest you guys out there think of something to get busy. Cooking lessons, music lessons, whatsoever lessons you could think of getting enrolled in. Yeah, it's better than being a couch potato and gain those ugly pounds.


[FIRST REAL BEST FRIEND]: Abigail Co (that was like, a decade ago already?)

[FIRST SCHOOL]: sakya nursery

[FIRST CELL PHONE]: nokia 3350

[FIRST FUNERAL]: grandmother mother's side

[FIRST PET]: a rabbit

[FIRST BIG TRIP]: baguio

[FIRST FLIGHT]: hong kong

[FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH]: jackie chan hehehehe

[FIRST JOB]: taga-lampaso sa bahay

[FIRST FRIENDSTER FRIEND]: nakalimutan ko na!


[LAST PERSON YOU HUGGED]: ewan ko na...

[LAST TIME YOU CRIED]: march 10, 2006 hindi lang ako, dami pa!

[LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED]: big momma's house 2


[LAST SHIRT WORN]: lapagayo white shirt

[LAST PHONE CALL]: to my mother

[LAST PERSON YOU TOUCHED]: myself hahahahaha

[LAST TIME AT THE MALL]: noong monday





[LAST TIME YOU WERE REALLY HONESTLY HAPPY]: March 31, 2006 (it was grad day!)

[LAST VIDEO GAME PLAYED]: Grand Theft Auto Vice City

11 April 2006

Been Thinking

Where will you side: the truth or the false party?

See, that is the problem nowadays. People just don't know which side they are on, and they just jump on the bandwagon--where the trend is or where their friends are. Quite unusual, eh?

It's not just unusual, because Filipinos just do that every time. Let's state an example. When an actor is faced with a gossip/rumor (and in his conscience, it's true), he only has two choices:

A. admit it on national television
B. deny deny deny deny deny

As we know, actors choose letter B to protect their careers. But months later, the truth is revealed and that is so ugly for the celebrity. But he also got a point too, because when he chooses A, he may get the respect of the people, but at the end he's just gonna be forgotten. Yeah, that's how people are.

Well, I went down memory lane and found an incident that happened some years ago. Truth and lies were in front of me--I chose to side with the truth and never left. No matter how the "lies" party tried to press their statements or tried to press how correct they were, I never left the "truth" party because I know that it is the TRUTH. Okay? Read--the TRUTH.

If somebody said it, he/she said it. If somebody didn't say it, he/she didn't say it. Don't press. It's his/her darn conscience that's going to suffer anyway, not yours. So just live our own pretty lives. Try to live by one rule: fight for what you believe in. Don't give a d*mn about what people think because it's just them thinking. It's how you think about yourself, okay?

10 April 2006

First Post

Hi!! This is my new blog site, and this is my first post. Well, keep coming for new updates about my life or maybe anyone's life. Heheheh, just kidding!

You can email me at : unean_amigo@yahoo.com or groovy07@gmail.com !

Friendster: unean_amigo@yahoo.com