27 March 2007

Notebook Frenzy

I'm in the negotiation phase with my mother about buying me a notebook. It all takes kulit to persuade parents to buy a very important (not to mention, expensive) gadget in a college student's life.

At first I set my eyes on a Sony VAIO, but after seeing its price tag, I retreated and satisfied myself with either an Acer or a MSI notebook.

But now, MacBook is seducing me into owning one of them...

Argh! MacBooks are so darn beautiful. Why did Apple had to design them like that?? I love to have a MacBook because it is so stylish, complete, and so devilishly sexy. The only problem I am thinking is that I have to purchase more software for it to run XP or have Microsoft Office.

And can I play The Sims 2 on a MacBook?

.....Well, my friend Nikko and I would be canvassing notebooks on Friday to see what notebook would suit us well. Since I cannot get my hands on a MacBook yet, I might as well go for my previous choices. (Acer or MSI)

I swear I will get a MacBook when I graduate...

Why Macs are better for Science and Technology

23 March 2007

Bakasyon Na!

I survived the first year of BS Chemistry.

Hehehe, after ten months of inorganic chemistry, burns, cuts, and chemical spills on my lab gown, I am proud to say that finally I'm (almost) done with my freshman year in UST. It feels so invigorating to know that I was capable of doing things that I never did in high school--and acing them in college.

We had three exams today and the most cruel of them all: inorganic chemistry with Dean Sevilla.

Nine pages of tricky questions + problem solving...I actually found a lot of my blockmates pounding on the table and scratching their heads. While I enjoyed pressing the buttons on my calculator. =p

Boohoo, it's organic chemistry and analytical chemistry and molecular physics next year! No worries, I believe I can manage them all. I would pray for good grades for this second semester.

My fellow MoA kids, when's the next Unean Reunion? I'm itching to put on those ice skates again...

22 March 2007

Ballroom Dancing

While I was reviewing my notes for the inorganic chemistry exams tomorrow, I found myself reminiscing my SDC physical education class. Wonder what's SDC perhaps? It's Social Dance Class, one of the PE classes offered. First, I was really frustrated why I got this PE because I hated dancing--because I already had fitness class last first semester. Second, I didn't like wearing high heels; I wasn't accustomed to it.

Little did I know I will eat my words.

A lot of my blockmates were also enrolled in the class, and we always had the usual complaint of having to go to class on a Saturday. (And thus, my MoA trips were lessened.) Little by little I grew fond of this ballroom dancing class.

Three dances were taught to us during the course: cha-cha, rumba, and the jive.

Ballroom dancing is fun. It sweats you out, burns calories, consumes ATP, and get to meet newer friends. True. Dancing the cha-cha makes you enjoy the South American beats, follow the romantic steps of the rumba, and show your happy and energetic side with the jive. Plus, I learned how to wear high heels. =p

What's my PE for next year you wonder? Not folk dance. It's one of the hardest PE classes in UST. I'd go for outdoor sports; you don't want to be spending much of your time with practicing dance steps.

21 March 2007

The Time Has Come

I was watching Pokemon a few minutes ago when I heard this song in the episode Goodbye Pikachu. Wonderful song, enjoy.

I close my eyes
And I can see
The day we met
Just one moment and I knew
You're my best friend
'Do anything
For you

We've gone so far
And done so much
And I feel
Like we've always been together
Right by my side
Through thick and thin
You're the part of my life
I'll always remember

The time has come
It's for the best I know it
Who could've guessed that you and I...
somehow, someday
We'd have to say goodbye.

You've helped me find
The strengh inside
And the courage
To make all my dreams come true
How will I find
Another friend
Like you

Two of a kind
That's what we are
And it seemed
Like we were always winning
But as our team
Is torn apart
I wish we could go
Back to the beginning

The time has come
It's for the best I know it
Who could've guessed that you and I...
Somehow, some way
We'd have to say goodbye.

Somehow today...
...we have to say goodbye.

09 March 2007

No Title.

One more week and the academic year 2006-2007 is done. Time flies so fast that we're all going to be sophomore college students now. Isn't that fun?

These past few days have been so hectic. As I told my blockmates, welcome to the Unean life. Why? We had quizzes almost everyday, simultaneously. They were panting, screaming, in the verge of tears because of the amount of work. Imagine three laboratory formal reports, three report sheets, SA reports, quizzes on five subjects, and oral defense of the English term paper all cramped in five days. I would like to thank my Unean training, because I didn't faint on the tremendous stress and tons of work. Heehee, I've experienced it during high school and I was never defeated.

The quiz on thermochemistry/thermodynamics was quite easy, but I had two mistakes. All because I wasn't sure on my answers. Grr! That's always the reason why I now can't get a perfect score during my exams. No worries, chem finals are always great for my brain. (Read: difficult.)

Due to the proliferation of laboratory reports, powerpoint presentations, and other needed ek ek during college life, I have decided to join the club and purchase myself a laptop, erm, notebook. I have seen a person becoming cocky due to her laptop. (But there is one who willingly lends me.) Having the greatest gadgets but not being a good person is crap. Remember that.

I'm going to purchase my notebook this summer, no matter what. Wi-Fi, bluetooth, built-in webcam, 80GB hard disk, fast processor. It's not luxury anymore; it's a necessity.

Last Thursday was the Araw Parangal for the student and faculty achievers of the CS (College of Science). If I just attained a higher grade for my FIL1, I was gonna go up stage and get an award. But hey, the subject filipino is always against me and I against it.

Tomorrow is a Saturday and I don't have PE classes. Time for me to relax, wear my new Havaianas Cartunistas, and eat at Italianni's. Ciao!

03 March 2007

Hell Days

It pleases me to once again post another story in my blog. I have noticed that ang tagal ko na pala hindi naka-post. It's been weeks after Science Week and I thought my busy days are gone. Well, it seems that it's just started, and thanks to a few irritants here and there, I am becoming stressed again.

Okay, to start it off, I have a lot of deadlines and quizzes to do/study:

- three chemistry lab formal reports and PLRS
- quizzes for analytical geometry, theology 2, and socio-anthro all going to occur simultaneously on Monday
- English term paper!

Despite all of these I manage to get out and relax at Gateway. Finally I bought my first pair of Havaianas with help from Nikko. We caught up with some stories over Starbucks cakes and coffees. Hahaha...

So far lectures have been good and all laboratory experiments are done. We may have an advance chem lab finals...whew, time is so fast that I'm already an incoming sophomore. Gurang na pala ako? =)

Summer stuff to do:

- learn how to drive
- learn how to cook
- advance study on organic/analytical chemistry
- REVIEW CALCULUS! (I want to get a 1.0 on these subjects)
- get-up with HS buddies
- go to gym (I am desperate! Lagi na lang hindi nagagawa ito.)
- get some darn rest.