28 May 2007


Some human beings are hypocrites. No, make most of them. The world is filled with fair-weather friends, suck-ups, and stupid buttheads. Meeting them makes me feel I'm in hell and working my way out of it.

It's really annoying to be in this suckfest. Sometimes happy, sometimes angry. Such life is so monotonous, so boring, so irritating. Superficially I may look happy with the big smile, the loud laughter, but inside it's empty.

I do a lot of things for them, for other people, but what do I get? Nothing. Boos. They do not appreciate it. They feel that I am obligated to do it for them. It's really frustrating to realize that most of the people work, think, and live by that.

I will be meeting them in a span of a four weeks. Adjusting for a while, but then after I'll feel nothing because I have severed myself from the bad influences. I am not concerned with their well-being. I am not concerned with how they destroy their lives. Maybe I'll just sit back and watch how they destroy one another. That's why I don't know all the rumors that's happening; I don't care. And that's a good thing.

Bye bye old life. Hello new me.


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