31 December 2006

New Year's Resolution (I Hope I WILL Follow This!)

A few more hours and 2007 is in. Here's a list of my New Year's Resolution (kahit na I don't follow them). Read, be educated or miseducated. Read, and maybe you can think of your own New Year's resolution as well.

1. Start using those Body Shop products my relatives have been giving me! I'm just too lazy to be consistent with those beauty rituals....hahahaha!

2. Cut down on those calories and start exercising! Persuade mom to buy me a bike.

3. Continue the consistency with my grades. Read, read, read! Spend more time in the library!

4. Try not to be talkative in class. Focus on professor first.

5. Spend less, save more. Stop being too gastadora.

6. Lessen my sarcastic and acerbic comments.

7. I pray that some of my lousy *****mates that they would change. (FOR GOOD and stop being a pain in the butt)

8. I WILL BUY MY FIRST PAIR OF HAVAIANAS! (Argh, I missed the 20% discount sale.)

9. Buy more books. Buy more books. Buy more books.

10. Follow this resolution. I think it has become more of a wish list.

22 December 2006

Last Day!

December 20 was the last day of classes for the Thomasians (well, not generally all, because some courses have their last day in advance), and I was quite excited to go to classes because our chemistry professors are throwing a Christmas party for our section 1Chem. We were all so excited for the program. The only downside is that we still have to don our white uniforms.

Mam Dilan, one of the lab professors, did not take the attendance and announced that we’re gonna have an Xmas party. Food from McDonalds’ was brought up to the laboratory, and our male professors—from Sir Mario to Doc Sev (the DEAN)—were present. So we had this so-called “feeding program” where we broke the rules: we ate inside the laboratory.

The awards ceremony was next. The first batch of awards to be given out was those who weren’t absent or late during the first semester. Sadly, I WAS MARKED LATE ONCE BECAUSE I JUST WENT TO THE RESTROOM! Came next were the academic excellence awards for chemistry lab and lecture. We had a photo op with Tito Fortune afterwards.

The feeding program resumed and our president started giving out the “WEIRD” awards. The fun thing about these weird awards was that our professors got to know the funnier side of their students. These are the examples of the weird awards:

- the clumsiest person of 1Chem (the special individual who always trips on his/her own foot)

- the clumsiest person around the laboratory (the special individual that has broken the most number of glassware)

- the siksiest award (the HEALTHY pair)

- professor’s favorite award (the special individual always called to recite)

- and so on and so forth

The fun part was next…drum roll please…Professor Charades! My blockmates and I laughed our intestines inside out because of the performances. The professors were even trying to guess(mouthing to each other Sino kaya yan?), only to be amused that sila na pala yon!

That afternoon of December 20, I had the chance to join UST’s annual university-wide Christmas party, the Paskuhan. Since it was an open party, Nikko came to join us. We also saw a lot of Uneans. Paskuhan was a very casual party, with all the students trekking to the soccer field and laying down banig or newspaper on the grass. It was like we were at Luneta and having a picnic.

The Paskuhan usually starts with a Mass from all the priests of the University. After Mass, the soccer field lights were turned off and the rector lit up the big Christmas tree in the field. A millisecond later, the first few rockets of pyrotechnic display shot up to the sky and amazed us. The fireworks were SO SPECTACULAR. Nikko vowed to come back next year.

There were bands that were going to play, but I didn’t stay to watch it. Instead, my blockmates and I exchanged gifts and took some good pictures. After that we said our goodbyes and Merry Christmases, and off I was to get ready for the Unean Reunion 6 the next day!

16 December 2006


Nine more days before Christmas! I am excited for Unean Reunion 6! Have you received your Christmas presents yet?

The Dean gave me a simple gift last Thursday. And it's me alone. Bigatin ano? Mwahahahaha.....

The Christmas vacation for UST is around the corner and I can't wait for it to come. I am hounded by tons of laboratory papers to finish! So many reaction papers to write! And again thankful for my some irresponsible groupmates for making my life a little miserable!

We just had our dance presentation for the art app class. I can say that it was a blast; everybody enjoyed the dance numbers.

Up to here first, I'm too tired to type.

10 December 2006

I'm Tired of Being the Boss

This week has been too busy and hectic. Instead of doing my meaningful and useful assignments, I got stuck doing this stupid artwork for the lantern festival of the College of Science. Despite having a one-day break because of the Immaculate Concepcion festival, it was darn USELESS.

College pressure is setting in and I'm just feeling them right this moment.

OH! I have finished my other assignments only to discover that I still have more pending. I'm tired of being the homework bucket, the professors' organizer, the ASKING WELL, and the person that other people depend on for information. Back in high school I was known as a leader-- a ferocious one at times. I want everything to be perfect--not only because I myself is a perfectionist-- but because it shows how good members of my group are. Their abilities are explored and discovered.

Now I'm sick of being the leader. Why? Because people depend on me so much that I don't have any good ideas. Orders originate from the leader and members have to follow. What happens? The order goes back to the leader and I AM the one IN THE END thinking. Naging pasahan ng trabaho when you expect your group members to do it.

I'm not hitting anybody. This is always the scenario. Pag masyado kang strict, ayaw ka nila. Pag naka-relax ka lang, sasabihin wala kang ginagawa. Pag binigyan mo ng trabaho, pinapasa pabalik sa iyo. Pag hindi mo binigyan ng trabaho, mangunuglit. Pero most of the time, wala silang pakialam.

I'm capable of doing "wonderful" things but it doesn't mean I'm Superwoman. I need help. I'm fed up being the PERSON to go to for help. I am always there to help, but they're pushing things too far. Like I've said a thousand times, I'm sick of being the homework bucket. You do it yourself or you do it yourself; there's no other way out.

Once again, I'm not hitting anybody. This is my plea. Are people hearing me out?