27 June 2007


For the first time in my life, I grew sick of seeing a chemistry book.

I love organic and analytical chemistry, but due to the weight of the 'bibles' and course requirements haunting me, I just wanted to lie down and sleep the day off. Even chemistry seemed tiring. A while ago, we were reviewing stoichiometric calculations (my favorite) and my brain wasn't really working due to stress.

I'm thankful that there was no experiment performed during organic lab. I'd faint.

The only rejuvenating thing (or not..a little) was that the professor met up with nine other individuals, including me, and announced that we were joining the Royal Australian Chemistry Quiz. We were opposing her choices (who would want to join a quiz with the hectic schedule) but she said that it was Dean Sevilla who picked the names. Oooo...I felt flattered and knew that we can't oppose his decision.

After a break and a light lunch, I felt okay. But then, I almost dozed off in calculus and English class.

And curse the Amendment of the Constitution for our College tomorrow. I will miss my organic chem lecture class, analytical chem lab, and physics. Damn it. I would bring my laptop to UST to finish our damn physics paper. Drat life it is, and life sucks more if professors are cold-blooded.

Screw them.


At 12:44 AM, September 11, 2007 , Blogger winterdawn said...

HI STEPH!!! Lapit na debut!!! nyahahaha =D about sa blog ko...well...haha totoo ung english part, pero ung chinese part, gawa gawa ko lng wahaha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU *clap clap clap* >:)


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