25 September 2006

Summary of Events

It's been two weeks since I haven't posted in my blog. Some of my readers have been complaining of not updating my blog site.

Let me start off with what happened last Monday, which is my birthday.

A lot of people--my friends from high school and college--greeted me. They sang the Happy Birthday song in class, and even my trigo prof asked for a Yellow Cab blowout. Filipinos always look forward to a birthday boy/girl treating them to lunch or snacks. Sorry, I'm not that kind of a person.

Let us fast forward to Saturday.

George, Nikko, and I went to Mall of Asia for a birthday blowout. I was short in money so I just treated two. Some could not go. We went to our all-time favorite Teriyaki Boy for lunch and took pictures, had good laughs, and fabulous food. After lunch, the three of us went ice skating.

How fun it was to ice skate especially if you knew how to glide!! George and I both fell three times on ice. I hate the skates that the boots rental gave me; the blades weren't sticking on the ice. We again took pictures and went back to childhood as we scrambled with kids to enjoy the artificial snow.

We skated for two-three hours I think. Of course, Dance Maniax was next. I even met DLSU Green Archer guard JV Casio with his girlfriend. After two rounds, Nikko and George accompanied me to Toby's Sports. I was eyeing on this Brazilian sports sandals for a long time already. I bought it, with Nikko even trying it on.

The three of us went to Starbucks and sipped coffee; I treated them to dinner at Pizza Hut. We separated ways at LRT-MRT intersection where Nikko took the latter train. George and I took the LRT train. It was already 9:00 pm when we left MoA.


Today is a really bad day.

I had to wake up early just to have this Filipino practice for a dance--it's our grade. I had no choice. I was supposed to wake up at 4:00am but overslept to 5:00am. Nevertheless, I got there in time, but my blockmates who called that practice were twenty minutes late of the assigned time.

We grabbed the best show in Filipino though.

What I hate the most is that when I got to the laboratory, I was marked late. It was already 7:00 am when it ended, just the time lab class starts. I went to the restroom because I can't really help it anymore. I reasoned out with the professor.

"Sayang, maganda na yung record mo."

I CANNOT ACCEPT IT!!! From elementary to fourth year high school, I was never marked tardy....I won't accept it just easily....boohoo....

13 September 2006


Let me give you a rundown of what happened yesterday and today.


Our chemlab professor announced that there was going to be an exhibit by PHILAAS (Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science) on Sept. 14-15, 2006. When did he announce it? Last Friday. And he wanted that we do good.

The class was divided into two groups, aroma chemistry and quick tests. At first I thought it was going to be a big exhibit and would involve other courses in the College of Science. Well, apparently not. Because the PHILAAS president is our dean himself, his students (us) were supposed to do it. Wow, the freshmen are going to do it.

Anyway. I was to help the group in setting up the UST booth at TARC (Thomas Aquinas Research Center), but I had PE class. I asked permission from the teacher to cut half of the class. She agreed. I proceeded to the Physical Chemistry lab.

We hauled the test tubes and glassware to the research complex. We were fifteen at first. When the clock ticked six and the skies turned dark, some of my blockmates headed home. They lived far from UST.

Guess what, I stayed behind. And staying behind had its own advantages. Number one, bonding time with some of my blockmates that had no problem staying late. Number two, nagkwekwentuhan at nagtatawanan kasama si Doc Sev the Dean.

At 8:30 PM I left the university, grabbed dinner (nalampasan na ng gutom), and headed home. I straightened out a few things and went to bed. And what do you expect? CRAMPS! Darn it.


We only had an hour of general chemistry lecture for us to set up the exhibit. We wanted to borrow a laptop at TARC because one of our groupmates forgot to bring hers. Our chemlab professor said he'd get it, but in the end, he didn't. (And he is starting to look bad in my score card.) The exhibit started at ten o' clock.

And my goodness, we were met by chemists and other prominent figures like the owner of Rustan's and FVR's sister Leticia Salani (I am sorry for the spelling.). They were shocked to know we were freshmen students. And Dean Sevilla's students.

My mouth ran dry from explaining esterification and fragrance and aromatherapy. I am happy that my groupmates helped me explain.

At 12pm, my legs were sore. I am sure to get cramps later this evening.

I was really dying to go home when I received the news that we were marked 0 in our theology test. It's not our fault. Doc Sev didn't write an excuse letter.

I was again dying to go home when suddenly Mr. ChemLab professor asked who didn't have lunch yet. Sixteen hands shot up. "Magpapakain pa eh!" I am not being matakaw or what--I can buy my own food--but I was really running low in energy.

Jollibee Chickenjoy was ordered for the students courtesy of our kind Dean Dr. Sevilla. The ration was distributed (hahaha) and some ate at the corridors, others ate at the exit stairs. It was good enough because it was the Dean's treat.


08 September 2006

Is It You or Just Me?

I can be quite selfish when it comes to sharing my favorite food and the remote control when it's CSI Supreme Sunday, but that's it. I just can't understand why I get so irritated when my blockmates ask me on how to solve this particular equation during CH101L (General Inorganic Chemistry Lab) or CH101 (General Chemistry Lecture).

Every time I'm going into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, I usually think of this problem of mine. I am friendly no doubt, but the frustrated part of my brain is stimulated every time my blockmates ask me how to do this equation. Again, emphasis, I am not selfish.

They ask me because I understand the lesson. Chemistry is my forte.

It's because they ask me in the right place, but in the very, very, very wrong time. They consult my help every time the experiment's done and we have to do some computations, to be presented to the professor. My close friends know well enough not to disturb me when I'm brainstorming solo. (Ah, groupmate? What is that word?)

I keep thinking that this is the main reason. My brain is too busy trying to solve the equation, and here comes another disturbance. At first, I'd just be patient and explain, but they come to me simultaneously. Pagkatapos nung isa, isa na naman ang dadating. Pagkatapos, isa ulit. Uulit-ulitin ko ang equation na parang sirang plaka.

Questions to ponder:

If you don't know the process of the experiment, why don't you do some research? You're paying for the library services but yet, you don't use it. You just need to walk a few meters and at the same time burn some calories.

Why don't you ask me before the experiment begins? I hate it when I'm disturbed.

Oh, if everybody in class starts swarming around me for answers, I'd like professional fee for my services. :D

04 September 2006

The Rescue

This song has good lyrics and it made me 
think. I listened to this while on the way home. Try to download this one
if you guys have the time.

The Rescue
American Hi-Fi

I wish we could back
to the beginning
cause there's something missing from your eyes.

We lost a lifetime
when I disappeared,
now I am coming back to you.

I wish I could fly, I know I can save us somehow.
You thought you were safe and sound but you need a hero now.
You gotta believe even with broken wings,
I've come to your rescue and you can't rescue me.

Summer's the season
but you're cold and freezing,
if there's a reason it's a lie.
When did I lose you,
I need you to pull through,
the weight of the world never felt so alive.

I wish I could fly, I know I can save us somehow.
You thought you were safe and sound but you need a hero now.
You gotta believe even with broken wings....

I wish I could fly, I know I can save us somehow.
You thought you were safe and sound but you need a hero now.
You gotta believe even with broken wings,
I've come to your rescue and you can't rescue me.

03 September 2006

Just Nothing

Wow, this is a record breaker. I haven't posted since last week, thanks to laziness and homework.

Last week, I was busy with the psychology term paper that my groupmates left me to do. Great. I asked them to research, print format, and paraphrased. Days before the deadline. Majority of them did was photocopied the book and just submitted it to me. Um, they practically photocopied the whole section of our topic.

As in D-U-M-B. Sorry for my choice of words, but this is the most civilized term. I spent two days with little sleep paraphrasing and outlining the whole term paper. And all they do was sit down and text and absorb the daily tsimis happening in the block.

As in I-R-R-I-T-A-T-I-N-G.

Enough of them. The grades of our preliminary exams are out and I am happy that I passed Filipino. My lowest grade among the subjects is algebra, which I cannot believe because I knew how to solve it. Turns out that the professor himself gives low grades. Darn it. I don't want algebra to be the last subject ruining my race towards the Dean's List.


There have been a lot of rumors circling our block. To tell the truth, I don't give a darn thing about them. My blockmates keep coming to me asking for advices. No offense, but I am tired about rumors and I shun them off my system. Gossips are bad for your health and your brain.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Listen to the rumors, but never react. Like I do. Nakikinig ako, pero hindi ako nagsasalita. Kung may nagsasabi ang isang tao sa akin na hindi maganda tungkol sa isa, lumalabas yun sa kabilang tainga. There is no point in keeping these dirty secrets.

It's so nice to be a person without caring about any problems. The tip I give to these problematic fellows is: "Simplehan na lang ninyo ang pag-iisip ninyo." They are the ones who make things complicated. Oh, to add to that, they're failing in almost all their subjects. Why don't you just pour your mind and soul over how to pass the course rather than your love life?

Keeping things simple is the best advice ever.

Maganda nang wala kang alam sa mga tsismis. I've learned my lesson and I'm keeping my mouth shut as ever.


Wow, I just realized now that I am a member of the Scarlet community, the Chinese-Filipino org in the University.

I thought I backed out.