11 June 2007

Practical or Cold-Blooded?

I agree: sometimes I'm really manhid with all humanly feelings. My close friends know that I'm usually kind, moody, serious, frank, and very practical. Every teeny weeny bit of me is all from the experience I have acquired through the years.

So I was pondering this question: am I cold-blooded or practical?

Here's what transpired: my friend and I were talking about the shifters who ended up not shifting due to unknown causes. When she knew that some of them were going to stay in our block, she expressed happiness over this, while I expressed disappointment.

She said that she was happy because the number of students in our block is still going to be the same. Add to that, she texted me that "it's malungkot to know that marami sa atin lilipat." Then when I broke to her the "good" news, she texted back: "Wow, good news yun!" I felt otherwise.

Here's what I really think. If you're not cut enough for one thing, it's best you leave it and give it to others. But if you think you're capable of doing it, then go ahead. Well, I do not have the stand to say whether these shifters are stupid or smart, but in one year of observing them, they're not really cut for this.

I do not express pity over those who failed the easiest subjects. For me maybe, they are the easiest. If they think it's hard for them, then pour out double, triple, quadruple efforts. Slacking off and just giving up is the first thing they ever think about. What happens? They're branded as stupid, lazy creatures. Not point-blank branded of course.

I know what some people in my block are capable of. Nasty controversies and tampuhan. To say that I don't care is easy, but what they do is drag everybody in the class down the suck fest they're in.

Am I being cold-blooded? Cold-blooded because hindi ako naaawa sa kanila? Cold-blooded because I don't want to see them in the block anymore due to their ugly personalities?

Or just plain practical? They still show up but knowing that they're not cut for the job.

I do not know what my friend has in her brain by saying she's happy that we're still thirty-something in the classroom. Marami raw ang nalungkot kasi madaming nawala nung second sem. I do not understand why. Or maybe Filipinos are just plain TOO passionate. Too dumb to realize. Ayan tuloy, naloloko.


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