24 May 2007

Crumbling or Not?

Let me see...hmm...weeks before classes start and the stress, eyebags (haha, lucky me, I don't have those in my system), and woes are going to resurface again. Before those school boohoos come along, I have received these 'facts and fiction' that a lot of us would be leaving.

This chem block of mine...it's one of the wackiest, funniest, and most extraordinary block that I ever met. Imagine, our class had three professors complaining due to our noise. Because of this, a lot of literature professors are too afraid to handle our class. Those who are able to survive the noise, well they are idolized as superheroes.

But, with their good points also come bad points. A lot of them are still confused as to either continue this road less taken or shift to another pathway. When I mean a lot, it means A LOT. Others are shifting, others are planning to leave, others just plainly failed the somehow 'easiest' chemistry course [the easiest among the numerous chem courses in the BS Chemistry program] and have to repeat it again.

For me, I am really not concerned. You ask me why? Because most of the people here have bothered me for notes, homework, free tutoring sessions, and other favors. Some of them I like, some of them I moderately like, some of them I hate. Especially the losers. At first glance some of them weren't really cut for chemistry. I think they really need to get assessed before shifting to another course.


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