14 June 2007

Sophomore Sickness

It's the second day of the first week of class.

Case in point: it's not yet start of the regular classes but I'm feeling so sleepy every time I go back home. Aside from being elected as class president (both an honor and horror for me) and running back and forth because some classrooms are not available, the challenges of the sophomore year are biting at me now.

I've got high-grade professors now, best in their profession, not just in academics but also in their own respective fields as researchers and chemists. My organic chemistry prof may look intimidating but he's the type of professor that perfectly molds his students without them knowing. Basta, he's the one of the most challenging professors in the College of Science.

Quotes from him:

"If you cheat you face the eternal flames of damnation."

"There is no room in this class for being poor or being shy."

"This textbook is required. If you're poor or lazy to buy, then drop the course."

"Within the year you are to eat organic chemistry, drink organic chemistry, dream organic chemistry...and when you wake up in the morning, your first words should be organic chemistry."

"Within the year your souls are mine..." (with the creepy voice)

There's something changing within the block. I'm not concluding yet; it's too early to tell.

From today I bid my social life goodbye. Here's to the life of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physics, calculus...yay, calculus. ΓΌ


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