28 October 2006

Three Eagles, a Tiger, and an Archer

Since I have nothing to do, I decided to post what happened last Tuesday.

It should be three and a half Eagles, because I'm a half-Eagle as Nikko said. Half-Eagle, Half-Tiger. Ano yun, Buckbeak from Harry Potter?!

You should know that last Tuesday was the last day of the Ramadan; therefore, a holiday. My mom wouldn't let me out of the house for the past few weeks because of budget constraint, so I stayed at house and read my chemistry book. One Sunday, when I asked her if I could go out of the house, she said yes.

I immediately texted my good and close friend Nikko if he'd go for ice skating. He told me that Solomon had invited him to MoA this coming Tuesday, so I agreed to tag along. Nikko was texting every close friend of ours whether they wanted to come with us. That Monday night, the group was set: me, Nikko, Solomon, Lisa, and Joanie.

We set the time at 9:30AM at Gum and Mug. I arrived at around 9:20 AM, with Nikko and Lisa there. Nikko and I both loathe latecomers, so we texted and called Solomon and Joanie to hurry up. We set the maximum time limit at 9:45 AM. Joanie, who just lived a few steps away from Gum and Mug, arrived at exactly 9:45 AM. Solomon came at 10:00AM. Wasting no more time, we hopped in Lisa's Pajero. Talk about the early Eagles and the Tiger....hehehe....

Pictures were taken at the van. Check them out at Nikko's Multiply site; you can find the link in the right corner.

When we arrived at the Mall of Asia, we went to buy ice skating tickets. Solomon was fined (by us) with renting and paying the two lockers. It only took us a few minutes to buy the tickets and off to Teriyaki Boy we went.

Of course, who would forget to order the California Maki and gyoza? Chomp chomp. More pictures were taken.

And the next thing was ice skating of course! Since we were to go home at around nine in the evening, all of us agreed to skate for three hours. Joanie was a beginner, so I tried to assist her. She was brave enough to go directly to the middle of the rink....but fell 15 or more times on her gluteus maximus. She backed out and told us she'd go window shopping.

Point taken--- I remembered the time I was a rookie myself, I fell only four times. Falling makes perfect. Nyahaha...

At the rink, we took some pictures again. The four of us-- Nikko, Solomon, Lisa, and I-- circled the rink a lot of times. Solomon acted like a kid again when he made siksik with the other kids when the artificial snow came down. Saying of snow, snow is supposed to be made of SMALL particles. Nikko was at the 'falling snow district', but a big slab of snow fell down his head. Hahaha....

I was calmly and confidently skating around the rink, with Solomon by my side, when I suddenly fell. Solomon just stood there! So I knelt on my knees, only to find my hands to be near Solomon's skates. They were scratching my hand! So he held out a hand to help me up, but he fell too. I was supposed to stand up because of Solomon's constant chuckling, I fell down again.

That happened to Nikko too. Fell down two times because of Solomon's constant laughing.

It was around three-fifteen in the afternoon when we left the rink and we met Nikko's mom and sister. Nikko's mom treated us to Cafe Breton, and the resto was located near the Baywalk. Learning from our past mistake of ordering a crepe per person, we shared a plate of La Pinay. I tried out their vanilla milkshake too; it wasn't very sweet so it was good.

Turns out that the pair of Havaianas that Nikko wanted didn't carry his size. We went down to Q Power Station and loaded a whopping eighteen (or more) credits to the Dance Maniax machine. (It's our turn to use the strategy the Filipinos use on us. Hahaha....) Solomon and I danced first. Then Nikko and Solomon. Then I forgot who went next.

It was this MoA Dance Maniax dance that I had confidence to tackle a few difficult songs like Baila, Baila and others. I panicked before, seeing those confusing red and blue orbs coming like hell. Now I can manage Baila, Baila, All My Love and other crazy songs that Nikko and Solomon choose.

I danced with Joanie only to discover she was very hyper. She jumped when a jump wasn't needed. And may I add that she cursed the machine when she didn't block the correct location? Hahahaha....but it was fun!

Chef d' Angelo was crammed with people, so we settled at Shakey's for dinner.

I ordered pizza for everybody and a basket of my über favorite mojo potatoes. I am currently hooked in drinking lemonade. Yum yum.

Our last stop was BreadTalk, and Lisa's parents picked us up from the mall. We shared a lot of stories in the car.

That day was really fun!

27 October 2006

Some Music to Recommend

I've got some new mp3s here that I want to recommend. If you have some to tell me too, please do so--leave a comment.

Canon in D by Pachelbel

This is a classic piece. It's a wonderful choice to listen to while cooling off or just plain relaxing.

Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

This song falls on the rock genre. If you're not afraid of blasting your speakers off, download this one.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson

I would classify this song as soothing. It is very calming and nice to listen.

Waiting for the World to Change by John Mayer

Another soothing song. Classified together with the aforementioned song.

Bitiw by Sponge Cola

A first OPM song my ears landed. A pop-rock track with cool drum beats and guitar strums. Check it out.

My Shirona by The Knack

A classic pop-rock song from the 70's. It has the most sickening guitar solos ever! (It means wonderful guitar solos.)

26 October 2006


Defeat came and knocked me hard off my feet.

There's a bitter taste in my mouth and definitely in my heart. 0.15 points short of being a Dean's Lister? That sucks.

To add to that, I learned that one of my blockmates (and one that I also don't like) have higher grades than I do. What makes me hate her?

She asked my help a dozen of times on mathematics and chemistry. Tanga ko naman, tinulungan ko siya. Doesn't it really irritate you when the person that asks you about a topic ALREADY KNOWS the darned thing?

Yeah, she's like that. WELL, MOST OF MY BLOCKMATES ARE. The smart ones that is. I'm REALLY, REALLY PISSED OFF.

Pissed off because I didn't get to the Dean's List, pissed off because I helped a person that DIDN'T NEED MY HELP, and pissed off because I was damn STUPID.

I partly risk my high grades just to tutor you dumbasses in the subjects you do worse. Then you don't listen in the end? What the f**k is that?

I know, a factor to blame is myself. I was over self-confident, but I studied too. Poured out a hundred percent ONLY to realize that it wasn't a hundred. As my mother would say, give a hundred and more than a hundred would be given back to you. Like I did with my chemistry subjects. The grades I got where a reflection of my work. (Grade of 1.0 and 1.5)

I'm not satisfied with my grades. A factor would be some of my idiotic professors.

I made myself a vow that I would do my best in the upcoming second semester. No more computers unless research work. No television unless I've done my work. And hell NO MORE TUTORING, more library readings.

People out there that look down on me, beware. I swear I'll make you cry for your life the second semester. Tell you this, don't mess with me. NEVER EVER mess with me.

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Before I start with today's post, let me narrate to you guys what happened last Wednesday, the day that Thomasians are supposed to get their clearance reports.

You may ask, "What is a clearance report?" It's actually a piece of paper with all of your subjects and the action taken--passed or failed, and the total unit deficiencies. I arrived at UST at 8:00 am and went straight to Blas Hall to get mine. I met a few of my blockmates, most of them with frowns on their faces.

I passed all of my subjects, and next on the list was to check out the grades in the Students' Kiosk computer, located at the second floor near the accounting department of the university. Hell, the line was so long when I got there! Nevertheless, being patient as I am, I stood and waited.

George came and chatted with me for a few minutes; it was his enrolment and he gave me my late birthday gift. Hahaha...

It was around 12:30 pm when my turn arrived. I typed in my student number and the password, and I saw my grades. A few uno's (1.0 grades) and well, a lot of 2's (2.0 grades). The GWA (grade weighted average) was not indicated. I grew quite nervous because with a lot of 2's, Dean's List was growing far away from me.

Dean's List average cut-offs are different per college in the University of Santo Tomas. The criteria in the College of Science is as follows:

- two grades of 1.0

- weighted average of all subjects must not be lower than 1.75

- no failures

- must have regular load

Difficult, eh? Proven. I computed my grades and it turns out that my GWA was 1.9! I was so devastated. I was 0.15 points short for the cut-off. It was really freaking painful. I worked so hard to attain high grades and all I got were 2's? That was damn unfair.

(Another post would be posted about my feelings.)

My mom, seeing that I was really depressed about the outcome, told me that we can go to the movies and she would be treating me to a favorite restaurant of my choice.


Today, my mom and I went to Robinson's Ermita. We didn't get to watch movies due to time constraint, so we decided to eat lunch at---yes, Friday's.

I ordered my favorites: loaded potato skins, chicken alfredo pasta (for sharing) smothered with cheese and bacon, and a glass of lemonade. Mother opted for a green mango shake. Our waiter's name was Gaylord, how about that. It keep me chuckling.

Yum, yum. It was really delicious! I love Friday's potato skins and pasta. Authentically American. Since my mom had a gold Citibank credit card with an advantage of 20% discount at Friday's (and other high-class restos), she allowed us to eat at Friday's. Usually, we would go for Teriyaki Boy.

Speaking of TBoy, in case you my readers don't know, there's a Teriyaki Boy restaurant at Robinson's Ermita, level three, food court.

25 October 2006


Disclaimer: These are my opinions. If you can't take it, then scram. Don't read it.

I condemn the subject Filipino.

I shun Filipino out of my system.

I abhor Filipino.

I loathe Filipino.

I hate Filipino.

Filipino ruins my academic life.

For me, it's a useless subject.

This stupid subject pulled my grade average down.

Why do we study this stupid subject?

Students are already masters of the language.

Does Filipino count as an international language?


Bottom line: Filipino sucks.

20 October 2006


Oookay, I just had finished renewing my blog's style. The last one was already quite boring.

It's our semestral break, and it could only be described in one word: BORING. Darn it, there are no good shows on TV, I can't go outside because I don't have money, and I've been reading my textbooks to get an edge but it's just boring.

I was sitting in front of the computer monitor when I abruptly remembered the first time I went ice skating. Ice skating has been one of my favorite pastimes, especially when I'm with my friends and at my favorite mall: SM Mall of Asia. Who introduced me to this sport that I'd never think I'd dwell in?

Well, it was a Unean reunion that started from a badminton game. Nikko, Lisa, George and I. It was around the first few weeks of our college lives. After the game, we all hopped aboard the LRT train to MoA. We dined at our favorite restaurant, well, maybe just me and Nikko's favorite resto. Then came the ice skating part.

I shall say: I was excited. I'd never tried ice skating before and it seemed fun to be skating on ice. I had never skated before, not even on rollerblades.

There were no railings on the rink, just narrow slits where one can place their fingers and aid them in balancing. Needless to say, first step, and I slipped down on my butt. Of course, falling down the ice is just normal; you won't learn how to skate if you're scared of slipping.

It took me hours to manage how to walk on ice. The masters, Lisa and Nikko, guided George and I. One should not be afraid of letting go--it's the only way you learn the tricks. After that day, I knew how to balance and walk on ice, and a little gliding.

The second time I went ice skating was after our preliminary exams. I was the one who invited my blockmates to go skating, knowing that I could now skate. It took me a few minutes to get used to the skates and the slippery ice, and a few falling and tripping due to my blockmates who kept screaming and tugging on my jacket.

It was also on this second time of ice skating that I knew how to glide.

After the third ice skating experience (a birthday blowout with two close friends of mine), I immediately knew that I'm hooked on it. When before we just couldn't end our malling without dancing the Dance Maniax, our trip is not complete when we do not don the ice skates and dominate the rink.

Dance Maniax was only dessert when ice skating came into my life.

For those who aspire to skate: Go ahead! It's one big experience you won't forget. It'll take you a few minutes to a few hours to manage to balance and stand straight, but it is fulfilling. Maybe I'll see you around the rink one day!

PS. Hey, my ice skating buddies! Kelan ulit? =D

18 October 2006

Sem Break To-Do List

I won't be spending my three-week semestral break by being a couch potato and gaining those unwanted pounds. Haha. I've devised a to-do list while there are no classes...

1. Read textbooks and sharpen up my skills.

2. Advance reading! This is totally the best thing to do.

3. Practice practice. Derivatives, chemistry problems....ooh, I'm becoming
a bookworm.

4. Read the novels I did not get to finish last summer.

5. Download download download.

6. Get away from the house. Invite my close pals to ice skating.

7. Fix my things. Organize stuff.

8. Of course, Teriyaki Boy every weekend. Wahaha...

9. Badminton anyone?

10. Rent movies.

Here are some coolest sites for downloading new fonts. I totally love 'em.

http://www.blambot.com/fonts.shtml - comic book fonts

- every font style....

17 October 2006

To Help or Not to Help

I am not selfish, I have told this to people a dozen million times. I do my best to help people with their ordeals (may it be the upcoming five chapter math test or three chapter all-solving chemistry exam), but sometimes, I think that I'm getting fed up being the 'good girl'.

What's the sense of being good when all people do is abuse your kindness? I once told these people that I'd help them in any way (the good way), but they should not abuse the kindness I show them. Oh, as usual, it comes out of the other ear.

These people take up a course that's hard to take. Challenges. Failures. Success. And the usual 5.0 grade. They all come with the course. How to pass? Study, focus, concentrate. There are no short cuts. Take the road less taken. What do these people do? Slack off. Concentrate on being the coolest failing jock in class. Focus on being the most beautiful chica in the whole college.

Now, you're there, sitting your ass off and writing the most coveted notes in the class, listening to the professor's every word, answering every possible homework question. You're really attentive, really focused. You're determined to give your best and well, be the best.

Then these losers come and ask for your notes, your homework, your data...and they even borrow your pens, your calculator, and liquid wipe out. The shortcut.

The question: to help or not to help? To borrow or not to borrow? I mean, these failures are relaxing their asses on their couches while you burn your eyebrows trying to understand logarithmic functions and derivatives. When they fail, they come, cry, weep, and ask for your help.

How pathetic.

Well...to tell the truth, I've been stupid enough to borrow, to help. I mean, yeah, I know that I should help them, but not to the extent that I'm ignoring my own duties. Hello? Tutoring on finals week? Yeah, when you don't have a twenty-chapter exam tomorrow morning.

Why don't they ask the smarty-pants who are really selfish to share?

Why don't they ask the smarty-pants to tutor them? Oh, yeah, they are just too busy.

The first semester is over. Regrets over failed grades are flooding their brains. The thought of being an irregular student in their first year of college are already haunting them. My tutoring session might have helped, but if they don't put their own heart in studying, it's just a rotten piece of crap.

The question still remains. What would be your answer?

13 October 2006

Finals Are Over

The final examinations for my nine subjects are finally over, and I couldn't be any happier. Weeks of studying for hard subjects (eg. Filipino) are done, and I hope to pass the subjects that I am weak in. If one grade is low, the others should be high enough to pull my grade average up.

So far, the most enjoying final exams are my major major subjects: chem-chem (chemistry lecture and laboratory). Talk about ruthless as well. Chemistry lecture is always the first exam to be given out for students to answer. Seven pages of difficult and tricky questions. Oomph! Two hours is alloted for the subject, and I used it all up. Despite the difficulty, it was enjoying to answer the questions.

After chem lec is the exam for chem lab. My brain juices are already empty after taking the Dean's test, then here comes another set. Five pages. And I thought it was only going to be all about chemistry. Our prof merged some physics questions in. Luckily, I know how to solve 'em. Sorry na lang sa mga hindi marunong.

Ang sikip ng utak ko after the exams. Hehe, buti na lang, hindi ko na kailangan mag-aral for psychology. I studied it beforehand.

Yay! Semestral break! Freedom!

Oct. 24: getting of course cards (and to know if you're a regular or an irregular student)

Oct 30: enrolment for second semester

08 October 2006

Finals Week Checklist

Finals! The day of judgment for my blockmates.
It's also the time that would break or shatter my dreams in the Dean's List.
Oh, I would never ever let Filipino be the factor.



2. Make reviewers for difficult subjects.

3. Of course, priority Chemistry. Above anything else.

4. Do not entertain stupid texts from blockmates such as 'What is our coverage for the
test tomorrow?' and etcetera.

5. Entertain texts from Unean pals.

6. Practice math subjects. (I would not want to flunk trigonometry due to
my professor's impotent style of teaching.)

7. Concentrate on chemistry lab and lecture studies.

8. Reject anybody who would ask if they could photocopy my
notes in all subjects. (Hello, hindi ako tanga.)

9. Get a nice day off after the week.

10. Gateway Araneta! Hihihihi.....

01 October 2006

College Life Booboos and Whatever

I have embraced college life completely. If you ask me to go back to high school together with those 'dumb' rules, I would say a very firm "No." College life is great! They say high school life is fantastic, but for once, let me disagree with them.

Okay, that's just a short intro. I was studying for an algebra exam a few hours ago, and the topic was all about imaginary numbers and the quadratic formula. Suddenly, a memory thought came into my brain. I remembered my blockmates complaining how QUADRATIC FORMULAS and IMAGINARY NUMBERS were d*mn difficult.

I was shocked! Quadratic formulas and imaginary numbers, difficult? Tell that to other Uneans. Tell that to me--who failed my third year and fourth year math subjects but now making a new life by scoring perfect on all the quizzes. I was really, really shocked. The question loomed in my head: Are they stupid or just, stupid?

If quadratic formulas are difficult, try integral calculus. Try derivatives. Oh, they'd be seen flocking skyscrapers ready to plunge to their death. No kidding.

Around last week, two of the chemistry lab quizzes were given back to us temporarily for us to take a peek of our scores. I scored good, aside from one that I made a confusing inference. Then I spotted one of my friends crying.

Turns out that she flunked the quiz. This final term of the 1st sem, we have six quizzes on chem lab. Oh, by her own good grace, she failed ALL SIX. She questioned herself, "Why?" She asked me, "Why?"

I answered her: "Hindi ka ba nag-aaral?"

Now she turned to me for help. She wants me to tutor her in CH101L. My face went blank. It feels flattering, but hell, my time is very important. Before, I tutored three of them in trigonometry during prelims week and I ended up suffering for it. (Not that I failed my exams. No, I passed them all.) I told her to set an early appointment, because I don't want to be tutoring during finals week.

Fine. She chose Friday, October 6. My dad's first death anniversary.

NOTE: I did not offer the tutoring. I was feeling manhid when she asked for help. Now, I'm shelling out some of my precious time to teach. I really, really would ask for professional fee now....

70th Post!


For three and a half days, I experienced total darkness right at my own abode. It started Thursday morning. At first I thought it was just going to be for a few hours. And then it went on for two days until Saturday! It really blew my head off. I was really, really angry with Meralco. What was the two-day no classes vacation gonna be without electricity?

With no TV, no computer, no electric fan, I did nothing but stare into blankness for the past three days. I played with my dogs, and practically FINISHED all the assigned readings. I finished studying for chemistry, even read topics not in our syllabus, miraculously studied FILIPINO, scribbled a few odds and ends on my whiteboard, and screamed at the electric posts.

Electricity came Sunday, 3:00 AM. I didn't get to watch House M.D., the Ateneo-UST basketball game, didn't watch ANY darned shows on TV. I did not sleep well for these past three days because of the heat and the darned mosquitoes. I had bites all over my body.

These three days were purely hell. I didn't get to do my theology powerpoint presentation, my stupid Rizal Course term paper, read blogs, and download mp3s.

I really, really thank God for the electricity.